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Home Sweet Home and Fu Coffee work hand in hand to equip people with special needs who were homeless or orphaned for an independent, purposeful life. While trainees are cared for at Home Sweet Home, Fu Coffee trains them in roasting and blending coffee. Home Sweet Home then receives a commission for every bag of coffee roasted and packed by its trainees. Once trainees complete their two year program at Home Sweet Home, they are offered employment at Fu Coffee, where they continue to work as skilled roasters, become supervisors, or pass on what they have learned as instructors.   

Vision & Values

Our Vision

Equipping the needy who have special needs to fulfill their full individual potential in the community.

Our Mission

Loving and caring for those with special needs

by building their character in a loving home environment

developing their skills through education and training,

and assisting their integration by being the bridge between the community and the needy ones.

Our Values

Loving and caring for the needy

Developing opportunities for those with special needs

Providing a brighter future

Bridging the community gap

Volunteering and giving back

Contributing to a better society

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