15 Apr

Doing a Good Thing

by Pascale

My story with Fu Coffee started with a fundraising for one of my
child’s school.
Since then, I only drink this coffee that I like a lot; light yet very
tasty, smells amazing, and I know I am doing a good thing for less
fortunate people than me.


11 May

The Story Behind

by Jenny

I am 24 years old. I have been working and living at Home Sweet Home for nearly a year. Before I came here, I was trying hard to find a job for living. But I can’t remember how many times I was rejected for my disability. I just felt so sad and hopeless.

Fortunately, I found Home Sweet Home, a place full of caring and love. I can even have the opportunity to learn some skills for living and work here. What an amazing blessing to me. I am currently working at the Fu Coffee workshop, in charge of the coffee roasting and packing the coffee beans. I love this job. I hope every single person who will drink the coffee I have roasted can feel the sweet love inside and be blessed. I will feel so proud of myself that I can try my best to make it.

I feel so grateful that I can live at Home Sweet Home and work for Fu Coffee. I’ve found love, hope and home here. I won’t feel lonely or desperate any longer, because of you. You light up my life. Thank you!

30 Apr

Completely Sold on Fu Coffee

by Judy

We are completely sold on Fu Coffee! It is the best tasting coffee we have found in Shanghai! We also believe in the cause – helping people (Yunnan farmers and rescued women) through drinking coffee! It’s a win-win! The Italian Mezzo beans work perfectly in our Jura coffee machine.

20 Apr

My morning cup is a ritual


by Sunny

One cup of coffee daily is all I need. One good cup. Actually, one cup of the best coffee, is what I want each day.

We have tasted and brought in coffee beans from the US, from Europe, from different roasters here in China – we like to try new ones – there’s an endless variety to try. So, when my friend Eric said he was starting Fu Coffee – offering good coffee with an emphasis on helping the coffee planters and workers – I was intrigued. Because really, no matter how noble the cause, if the coffee isn’t good, I wasn’t going to buy any. 🙂

Fu Coffee is really, really good. Especially the Italian Roast. I have it in my coffee grinder and it smells luscious. It tastes full and delicious.

My morning cup is a ritual – to start the day with a thankful heart. What a great way to start my day!

07 Apr

I like it just black

by JoAnn
Not only that I am touched by the concept of using coffee to bless people with love, I like the taste and aroma of Fu Coffee.
As a frequent coffee drinker, I have the habit of brewing my own cup of coffee every morning before work and am quite particular with my choice of coffee bean. My favorite roast is Italiano Mezzo and I like it just black. The bean gives a nice strong coffee fragrance that comes very natural and fresh.The taste of the coffee is very soothing, not bitter or sour and the body is velvet smooth. It has all the goodness necessary of a nice cup of coffee and I have no hesitation to recommend to all my coffee drinker friends.
I wish Fu Coffee every success and pray that it will bring a difference to the market, that the people involved will be blessed with His love.
May the Lord bless you in this very meaningful work to glorify His name.
28 Mar

The Idea of Fu Coffee


by Eric

Coffee has its firm place in our daily lives. Whatever our preference, a Double Shot Caramel Latte, a Cappuccino, a Cafe Creme, an Espresso or an Americano, it makes us feel better when we are stressed, or tired, or lonely and it helps us through a long day at work or studying. Holding a warm cup and smelling the aroma makes meetings more productive and hanging out with friends more enjoyable. A good cup of coffee is a blessing.

What if we could bless someone else, someone less fortunate, whenever we have our cup of coffee? This question sparked the idea of Fu Coffee. 福 [fú] is Chinese for ‘blessing’. Everything at Fu Coffee revolves around blessing someone who is left out, who needs help, who is lonely or hurt.

One cup of coffee seems a small thing, but when 150,000 people like you and me drink that one cup of Fu Coffee each day in a year, then 100 orphaned, homeless and handicapped people without a perspective for their lives can have a meaningful job in a caring environment at Fu Coffee, and there will be RMB 10,000,000 left after all costs and taxes to give to people who need help.

When you have a cup of Fu Coffee, you improve the lives of poor coffee farming communities, who can build wells, schools and better homes for their families; you enable loving people at Home Sweet Home to care for orphaned and handicapped people without a home and release them into dignified, meaningful and independent lives; you restore the lives of young, exploited women who were rescued and given a new perspective by caring people at Eden.

Make Fu Coffe your idea and spread the word.