11 May

The Story Behind

by Jenny

I am 24 years old. I have been working and living at Home Sweet Home for nearly a year. Before I came here, I was trying hard to find a job for living. But I can’t remember how many times I was rejected for my disability. I just felt so sad and hopeless.

Fortunately, I found Home Sweet Home, a place full of caring and love. I can even have the opportunity to learn some skills for living and work here. What an amazing blessing to me. I am currently working at the Fu Coffee workshop, in charge of the coffee roasting and packing the coffee beans. I love this job. I hope every single person who will drink the coffee I have roasted can feel the sweet love inside and be blessed. I will feel so proud of myself that I can try my best to make it.

I feel so grateful that I can live at Home Sweet Home and work for Fu Coffee. I’ve found love, hope and home here. I won’t feel lonely or desperate any longer, because of you. You light up my life. Thank you!